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Syrian Forum

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Syrian Forum is a consortium of non-profit organizations that started activities in 2011. It is registered in Turkey with partners in Austria, the United States and Qatar. Consisting of 6 specialized organizations with a total of 964 team members. Working through 15 offices located in Syria, Turkey, Austria, the United States, Qatar and an upcoming office in Jordan.

As a Media and Communication manager, I was responsible for managing all internal and external communications for the Syrian forum and its 6 organization and ensuring its messages are consistent.


  • Leading the re-branding process and building brand identity, vision, mission, and corporate structure for the SF and its 6 organizations.
  • Developing an integrated communications strategy for PR, Marketing and Online.
  • Implementing communications plans to increase brand awareness and recognition for the organization.
  • Developing relationships with key media to secure and grow media coverage both online and offline.
  • Writing press releases for local and national media.
  • Adapting press releases for international syndication ensuring stories translate to differing international markets.
  • Monitoring press stories relating to the SF and its brand and maximizing opportunities for positive PR and playing down any negative PR.
  • Collating and analyzing current communications and messages and ensuring consistency.
  • Communicating brand to internal customers and board members.
  • Overseeing the annual communications budget and ensuring its use is fully maximized.

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